Wednesday, November 25th, 2015

About Us

The impact of the government’s conduct of the Rosenberg trial still affects us in the 21st century. Virtually all the criticism of the lack of respect for defendants’ rights in our present conduct of loyalty and national security trials, can be traced to the forced absence of the Constitiution at the 1951 trial. Our continued research into the Rosenberg trial and our dissemination of the documented perjuries and prosecutorial and judicial deceptions contributes to today’s efforts to re-introduce Constitutional trials into every courtroom, regardless of the politics or religion or color of defendants. We urge you to study the information on our Website, in our printed materials and in the many books (three new books relating to the case published in 2010 alone!) by lawyers, historians, journalists and others. The truth will make our country better and freer.

The Committee’s ultimate goal is to win an official review of the Rosenberg case and exoneration of the Rosenbergs. Although nothing can change the finality of the death penalty, an acknowledgment of government wrongdoing in this historic cause célèbre would be a first step in halting the perversions of due process and human rights that continue to undermine our constitutional democracy today.